The World’s First “How to use ChatGPT to get Unlimited Clients” Book is Now Available!

If you’re reading this, you’re interested in only one thing: How ChatGPT can help you get paid.

ChatGPT offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to create new revenue streams for yourself and the good news is anyone can quickly learn how to use ChatGPT.

The bad news is… anyone can quickly learn how to use ChatGPT 🥲🤣

Yes, the “doing of the work” is easy now.

BUT you still need to get the clients.

This eBook is a step-by-step guide to finding clients who will pay for the services outlined in the main book.

The Ultimate Client Attraction Blueprint Includes:

  • The top 20 sites looking for remote workers - this one thing can easily make you thousands of dollars almost instantly if you’re consistent and apply the principles I teach in this book.

  • Templates (and methods) to reach out to clients on autopilot on LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter - Using the exact methods I’ve used to close big and small clients for nearly ten years.

  • Audience growth strategies - everything I’ve learned from almost 10 years growing a personal brand, as well as what’s working right now.

  • A quick refresher guide on how to set up your social media channels so when clients research you, great things come up and you’re more likely to get paid!

  • And yes, all of the above will be MUCH quicker to do using ChatGPT. With ChatGPT you don’t just email “hey if you’re looking for marketing help here’s what i’ve done before”.

    Using ChatGPT with a few prompts & a link to your potential clients website and social media channels you can create a marketing plan for them, invent products and services they can sell, analyze their website for SEO and places they could improve, in a matter of seconds.

    Getting all of that in front of them shows you have done your homework, and will increase the likelihood you get a reply/meeting massively.

  • Remember, you are one of the first to find out about these methods that I’ve been studying for months now.

    In a few months time? I predict most, if not ALL marketers will be using these methods - So get in now ahead of the others and build your business the easy way!



If you run your own business and/or are looking for client work:

  • My brand new “FREE TRIAL” method which is a “mafia offer” (i.e. they can’t say no!) for ANY client you’re pitching. I’ll show you how ChatGPT will give you special powers your rivals will not be able to match!

  • The “ChatGPT wingman” technique for closing high-ticket clients. This insane method compresses one hours’ manual work into less than five minutes, and trust me when I say, NO CLIENT will ignore this once you execute it (which is very simple).

  • How to use ChatGPT as a business coach before you make your first offer. ChatGPT has been trained on the best information on the internet - I’ll show you how to use it to “failure proof” your offer and pitch, which will stop you from wasting time when pitching clients.

  • The “clone yourself” technique to create a personalized video once that can be sent to hundreds of clients with a different pitch each time including the clients’ name - all on autopilot.

    Think you’ll stand out VS. everyone else pitching them once you send them a personalized video??

  • Want to use Facebook and LinkedIn to meet more clients?

    This book includes a deep dive into the two pieces of automation software which will turn your social media platforms into sales machines and if you want to work for someone else? 

    Here’s how this book will give you superpowers:

  • How to use ChatGPT to apply for and do the work for any job - even if you have no experience/knowledge in the space!

  • How to use key ChatGPT functions to make a standout application in less than 10 minutes which will MASSIVELY outshine anyone else who applies for the same role!

  • The ESSENTIAL ChatGPT functions which will help you get more job interviews.

  • A FULL list of sites that pay in $USD and are looking for remote work that you can do with ChatGPT.

    The bottom line is this: This book is over 13,000 words dedicated to you finding clients/a job using ChatGPT as a secret weapon.

  • If you’ve ever been frustrated by potential clients not getting back to you.

  • If you’ve ever thought “I’m great at the work if I could just get hired

  • If you want to take advantage of ChatGPT to make money before everyone else starts using the same methods in the next few months… need this guide!

Try The Methods, Get Your Money Back if They Don´t Work!

Full money-back guarantee if you try the methods in this book for 28 days and you don’t improve the number of replies/interviews/services you get hired for.

This is the first ever ChatGPT book focused on how to get clients to do ChatGPT work for, so if you’re ready to use ChatGPT as your “unfair advantage” versus everyone else you’re competing with, grab this book now!

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About Vin Clancy

Vin Clancy makes companies and brands internet famous to their ideal clients and customers, in the past he has:

  • Launched a crypto marketing agency that raised over $150M+ for our clients

  • Developed NFT/crypto influencer programs that generated millions for NFT clients and measurable & significant increases in market cap for coins

  • Pioneered methods of selling event tickets and merchandise by building audiences on Facebook and Instagram with innovative targeted ad campaigns. This multiplied revenues for major label eCommerce stores utilising machine learning ad buying and targeting for improved results

  • Managed marketing and creative campaigns for KISS, Machine Gun Kelly, DaBaby, and hundreds of other major label artists

  • Been interviewed or featured in Forbes, Inc., Buzzfeed, Vice, Wired, The Daily Telegraph &TechCrunch

  • Been a keynote speaker for Chain Xchange Las Vegas (with Gary Vaynerchuk & Steve Wozniak), SXSW, University of California Los Angeles and Nasdaq Centre

  • Founded & which received nearly 20 million page views in 18 months.

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My Agency's Mission

This year I plan to help at least 100 companies massively reduce the cost of customer acquisition and in turn set them on their way to 10x or more their business in the next 1-5 years.

DISCLAIMER: The sales figures stated above are my personal sales figures. Please understand my results are not typical, I’m not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). I have the benefit of 10 years experience as an entrepreneur and while if you take action with the information I am giving you in this book you can 100% get incredible results, the truth is that the average person who buys any “how to” information gets little to no results. Your results will vary and depend on many factors… including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT GET THIS BOOK.

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